What is a Shabby Kitchen Table?

Looking to add a touch of elegance to your home? The Shabby Chic Kitchen Table is a perfect choice. With a sleek, white or gray matte finish, distressed bottom and sleek, unpainted surface, this beautiful addition makes the perfect home office space for eight individuals. This Shabby chic kitchen table is crafted from solid wood with no tabletop or pedestal included, which makes it easy to add touches of color or create a more complex look with accessories.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Tables can be purchased with an approximate and may vary slightly. The Shabby Chic style is a decorative and unique mix of French country and vintage styles. Shabby chic pieces are often displayed in front of mirrors to achieve the appearance of a larger room, but are actually smaller in size. Shabby Chic pieces often include a floral wicker center piece, intricate scrollwork on legs, and a wood veneer top. These tables are made with this type of furnishings and hardware in mind for functionality and visual appeal.

Shabby Chic furniture is often distressed in order to give the appearance of age. This distressed appearance can vary slightly depending on the grade of wood and hardware used. This style of table is very popular in many modern living spaces. Shabby chic tables are crafted with a beautiful French Country or Queen Anne style base made of rattan, wicker, or wood that is easily distressed. A distressed table may vary slightly in shape and height depending on the style of the base it is on and the amount of distressed applied.

This table may be found with four legs, or it may have only two legs. One or two legs may be medium height, or the table may be shorter and have high legs. Either one or two short legs on this table would add an interesting effect. Shabby chic table legs may be hand carved, or they may be sold with ornate designs. The table top may be distressed to give the appearance of age as well.

Shabby chic cabinets may also vary slightly in size. Some cabinets may be small and barely noticeable, while others may be large and overbearing. Shabby kitchen tables may have under mount or drop leaf sinks. The cabinets themselves may be made of oak, or they may be made of stained particle board with touches of white.

This style of table is usually featured in smaller spaces such as a dining room or breakfast nook. The small size of Shabby Chic tables means that they are perfect for these areas. The Shabby chic table may feature one or two seating options, or it may be an L-shaped table. This table can have legs that are straight, slanted, or have a slight curve. A distressed finish on the wood is popular as well.

Shabby cabinets may be painted a light shade of white, so that the color palette is very versatile. The doors of the cabinets may be painted a neutral color. White, gray, or black may be used for the upholstery. The table top may be made from stainless steel, which is very popular. Other styles of Shabby chic tables are constructed from chipboard, which looks very aged and used.

Shabby chic tables are very versatile. They can be used in traditional kitchens, informal settings, or just as a fun decorative piece in a guest room. They fit in with any type of decor and can change the look of a room on their own. A Shabby kitchen table is not only a great investment, but also a good conversation piece.