Vintage Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor

Shabby style decor is a very charming, romantic, vintage and even soft way to decorate your home. It features delicate, vintage fabrics with warm, neutral and earthy tones, and even some that are on the verge of giving up their age. Shabby style design features soft, light colors and floral patterns combined with aged wood, rustic and industrial accents.

One of the most popular items you will find in a vintage shabby chic home is open shelving. It is very unique in that you can find so many different types of this style. They can come in just about any color, material or level of wear. Some have small shelves running around them and they are made of clear, white or pastel glass, while others are covered in lace and have pictures, quotes or designs on them. You can hang these in the dining room or in the kitchen as well.

If you do not like white shabby chic, you can always go for brown, terracotta or even black shelving. The ones made of clear glass are usually very pretty and come in various sizes. They make great vintage shabby chic accents that will never go out of style. These can be kept in the kitchen or in the bathroom where they are a natural accent to the theme. You can even find some that are mirrored that can be used to add a little more light to your room.

Because there is such a variety of materials you can find in a vintage shabby chic set, you should also have some open shelving in your home as well. You can find some that are made of wood that has been painted white over years ago and that is beautiful. There are also those that are made of wicker with intricate floral designs and others with French writing or designs on them that give a nice touch.

You can even find the type of wood that you want for your shelves in the vintage type. You can have an oak, pine or cherry for them or any other type of wood that you want. This is just another way that you can create a vintage atmosphere in your space. Of course you do not have to have them in your kitchen if you do not want to, but you should have a few around the house just in case you need them.

You will also find items like candle holders, dish racks, baker’s racks, and even a place to put your silverware. You can get a simple one made of metal and other metals that will look nice. They can be plain or they can have a design that goes with the kitchen theme.

You can find many other items like candle holders, decorative pieces and even items that will go with your color scheme. All you have to do is take your time looking around at all of the Vintage Shabby Chic items available to you and decide what will look best with your kitchen decor. Once you start shopping, you will get to see all of the colors that you can match your decor to. This is a fun way to go about looking for your Vintage Shabby Chic items because you will get to see so many different ones that you will just want to add them to your Vintage Shabby Chic Kitchen immediately.

Take the time to look at all of the vintage items that are available to you and then determine which ones will go best with your existing decor. You do not have to replace everything. You just might want to add a few of these items and see how they go with the rest of your room. There are so many different ones that you will just have to take your time finding the right one. If you want your Vintage Shabby Chic Kitchen to really shine it is important to make sure that you look at all of your choices before making any final decisions.