Simple Designs That Create the Look of Rustic Chic Homes

Rustic styles are great when used in the home as a sort of interior decorating. Homes painted with this sort of finish are normally simple and dull. However, you can add a unique touch to your rustic houses by mixing up the colors and using materials that are out of the ordinary.

If you wish to get an idea of the shabby chic style, just watch a movie with the same theme. Movies featuring simple, unadorned houses with shabby painted walls, dark and light wood floors, and curtains with faded or matted looking fringes are a fantastic way to get an idea of how it looks. This look isn’t for everybody, but it works well with any personality.

Another example of this style is home decorating magazines and websites. You can find them in virtually every book store and home improvement center. There are a few different types of furniture using shabby chic designs. Some examples are small tables with a classic style design on them, as opposed to a new one, and some beautiful China closets with wooden fronts with faded or matted fringes.

You could also add a special twist to your shabby chic style by painting the walls in dark and light tones, so you have a type of chiaroscuro effect. Do not go overboard on these colors, as you’ll end up with something ugly. If you wish to be very creative, you can paint your walls the exact same colours, but in various different hues.

You can even use the faux wood in your flooring to create a shabby chic effect. You could also use dyed glass or cloth on your walls. These would create a very chic atmosphere, since they don’t really belong in a more rustic style.

The furniture you choose to furnish your home with shabby chic style will reflect your personality and taste. Make sure the styles complement each other. It is possible to use a western design style on one side of the room and a”come as you are” style on the other. If you use more contemporary styles, then you will need to make sure the colors match.

When you’re designing your own house, the biggest difference between the house you want to construct and that which is available is the amount of money you need to spend. You may feel more comfortable designing the home of your dreams, or you might be inspired to make your own rustic style. You can even use the same thoughts, except with a little bit of your own flair. You might think that you’re staying true to the original design, but if you take some liberties with your ideas, then you will understand that you did something new.

There are some fabulous pieces of furniture to use in creating a rustic design in your dwelling. The furniture can be anything from hand carved wood, wicker, metal, or stone, to hand carved bamboo, shells, and other organic materials. You can build your own house with the materials in your home, or you can purchase some that are already built and begin to assemble them to make your very own home.

You’ll be surprised at how much difference you can make to your home by adding a rustic style. When the homeowner has made the decorating choice, the person who is decorating has the choice to choose a slightly more modern design, or one that goes back to nature.

This brings us to another issue, which is the characteristic of the furniture in the rustic look. Your guests will definitely appreciate the look of a fantastic set of hardwood floors and will be happy to take a bath on the flooring in your home. Or, they may use the tiny table to eat breakfast and have a sitdown meal while they sip tea or coffee in the comfortable chairs.

Other kinds of cloths you might use on your smart look are thatch, rattan, and leather. You might have all those things made by hand, or machine, but you can also use more modern materials like linen, chenille, silk, or other materials, especially when you are buying sets for the guests. To bring home as they stay in your dwelling.


  1. Such beautiful decorations and rooms. I love Shabby Chic and am doing my entire house in it and there are many great ideas here that I love.

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