Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas – How to Create a Beautiful Shabby-Chic Kitchen Using Shabby Decor

Shabby chic kitchen ideas are a well-established design philosophy that just will stand the test of time, regardless of how modern your kitchen may now be. Indeed, quite frankly, they can often be a welcome start to a new home. But there is also a down side. Here are some tips on how to use this chic kitchen style in a slightly more mature way.

The beauty of the shabby chic style is in its understated elegance. The rustic simplicity of this style lends itself to a sort of casual sophistication that makes it ideal for homes with more modest appearances. For instance, you can make shabby chic kitchen ideas more sophisticated by pairing it with a floral decoration or even a minimalist table and chairs. This works equally well if you are aiming for an airier feel. On the other hand, the shabby chic style can also work if you want to evoke a romantic feeling.

When using shabby chic kitchen ideas as a starting point, try not to decorate too much. Instead, choose a few key pieces and then mix and match items to achieve a soft and neutral finish. The key to decorating in this manner is to choose items that have a worn appearance. For instance, instead of a large and striking vase, choose a worn and weathered piece such as a plate or a crockery set. Instead of a gleaming table top, choose an aged wooden frame to hold up the wall sconces. This allows you to add various layers without over-decorating, as can be done when decorating modern homes.

As you begin looking through shabby chic kitchen ideas, you will find that there are many charming touches that come together to give this style of kitchen a charming atmosphere. First and foremost, you will find that the colours used are quite warm and comforting, especially the light shades of cream and eggshell. These colours tend to be the non-specific colours of nature, such as the sea or the sky. This means they are less exclusive, which allows your kitchen to feel less cramped and more spacious. The warm tones to complement the colours of your walls and floors – they do not clash, and they do not need to be coordinated either.

By creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, shabby chic kitchen ideas to encourage people to relax and enjoy their home. As the style highlights the natural features of a property, it lends a feeling of well-travelled and natural space. This can be great for encouraging families to get away from televisions and computers and spend some time together, talking, having a nice cup of tea or coffee. It can also make small rooms feel bigger. In fact, you could say that a shabby chic kitchen is the perfect backdrop for family life.

Probably the most popular feature of the shabby chic kitchen style is the cabinet design. You will find that in this type of kitchen, the cabinet is almost always a small, discrete unit, which is incorporated into the wall. It is often made from wood and may feature floral decorations on the outside. These features make the kitchen look very appealing to the eye and result in a lovely, inviting environment which is full of light and freshness.

If you are after a shabby chic kitchen that is full of bright, cheerful colour, then you will definitely find that this style emphasises the colours of nature in an understated way. Many cabinets in this type of kitchen are painted with pastel and floral designs, which allow the room to reflect the outside influences of the outside world. One particular favourite is the painting of fake flowers, which looks particularly exquisite when placed in the corner of a kitchen cabinet. To add to this floral impression, you could opt for real or faux tapestries, which would look great in this type of environment. As the floral decor becomes more elaborate, so too do the accents used to finish off this effect; adding antiques, pebbles and glasses will complete this wonderful look.

When it comes to the finishing touches, you can really make the most of this distressed effect by painting everything in a very light pastel colour. This will help to give everything in this distressed look a subtle touch of lightness, which makes it look more airy and light than it actually is. The addition of candles in this style is optional, but if you want a beautiful decorative touch to your shabby chic kitchen area, then it certainly does not hurt to include one. Candles can help create a romantic atmosphere and make the room appear very feminine. You can choose from a range of candle types, including those that match your existing bathroom lighting, as well as scented candles.