Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor

Rustic Shabby Chic Kitchen Design is all about adding soft color with warm highlights. Rustic Shabby Kitchen Design can add a little romance to your kitchen. With this design style you are more likely to see wood flooring, stone floors and old furniture. The focus is more on the cozy country feel rather than modern, just to give a very cozy feel. This is perfect for any woman that loves to cook and loves to eat in the outdoors.

Rustic Shabby Chic Interior Decoration: To create your rustic shabby chic kitchen, start out with fabric paint or stencils to create your rustic shabby chic look. You can create your own checkerboard pattern with stencils that have vintage checkers on them. You can even put vintage boxes with food in them to really add to the feel of a country kitchen. Adding some antiques such as old glassware can really bring in the charm as well.

Rustic Shabby Chic Kitchen Area: After you have your fabric paint or stencils, you will need to choose your rustic shabby chic kitchen area. Remember that this area is going to be a retreat for you so don’t try and make everything match. If you have many items, stick them together but if you have a smaller space, use a lot of accessories. To really dress up your rustic shabby chic kitchen area, put in a rustic wooden blind from top to bottom.

Floral Tops: If you don’t want a lot of wood working going on in your chic kitchen area, then you can go with more of a floral theme. Flowers are great because they tie in with the colors that you love. Rustic woodsy tones are great but also work very well with floral prints. Some examples include pastels and deep purples.

Wall Decor: Rustic shabby chic kitchen areas can go with a lot of different decor. You can start out with the floral decorations by putting up some large flower pots. Add some decorative baskets and plates as well and you will have a great focal point for your decoration. Just remember that when it comes to floral decorations, you should try to stay away from darker shades because they may cause the room to feel darker.

Floral Kitchen Utensils: Using floral elements in your rustic shabby chic kitchen is easy. A great way to incorporate the feeling of flowers is by using a lot of pastels and pale colors. For example you could paint your wall with pale pink and add small vases filled with pale yellow or pink flowers. You could also place several antique salt and pepper shakers around the kitchen area.

Rustic Shabby Cottage Decor: Another way that you can bring the shabby chic kitchen decor into your own home is by using a cottage style cabinet. This type of cabinetry allows you to save space and it is beautiful when decorated with an abundance of floral prints. Think about placing two or three different types of baskets on your rustic kitchen counter top next to a potpourri stand and an urn. It will be a little too much if you only put one or two items here but it’s nice to have a variety.

Lighting: Lighting is one of the key features of this particular shabby chic decorating style. The reason for this is because when you use lights in this decorating style, you are making an architectural statement. Consider hanging a small chandelier over a window treatment or on top of a wrought iron candle holder. Another idea is to hang your lamps along a wooden floor or use candles with flowers on them. If you are looking for a unique way to accent your kitchen, consider having a chandelier above your island where you can see the plants while being able to enjoy the chandelier’s light.