Shabby Chic Kitchen Colours

Shabby chic is one of those trends that seems to never go out of style. Although there might be more to it than what are stating here, it’s still important for you to make sure that you do thorough research on this item before you buy it for yourself. The main questions to ask might include: is a shabby chic kitchen color really worth the buy? Also, does it come in an affordable price or not?

If you are new to this concept, you must understand that shabby chic is simply an interior design style. However, many people are also known to use this style as a way to spruce up their homes and give them a touch of elegance and a personal touch. So, just what are shabby chic colors anyway? It is a type of paint that when applied to cabinets, furniture and windows can give your home a worn and old appearance. This effect is achieved by using very light shades of colors and by leaving the furniture and cabinets with rough finishes.

These colors are actually a combination of paints. However, they are applied with a distressed look. Thus, the phrase ‘shabby chic’ was coined. You will have an easier time finding shabby chic products and accessories, if you shop at antique shops or flea markets. You can also ask around to see who else has some in their cabinets or pantries. Shabby chic colors might not be very popular among homeowners right now but this style will surely catch on as people become more interested in minimizing their carbon footprint.

There are a lot of homemakers who find shabby chic kitchens quite cute. They love the vintage and cozy look it gives to the environment. This is also one reason why there are now more shabby chic homes available for sale.

Kitchenware is a crucial part of any kitchen. Without it, everything else cannot be fully functional and attractive. However, it can get tarnished easily. This is where shabby chic comes in – it gives distressed, old-fashioned kitchenware a newer and updated appeal. In fact, it’s even been suggested that applying shabby chic colour schemes can actually keep dust levels down in the kitchen.

Aside from the classic and charming appeal of shabby chic, one of the things that make it such a great decor is that you can use it practically and safely. In other words, you can be sure that your kitchen won’t look out of place because of the colours used. When it comes to durability, there is really no comparison. With just a light sanding and a little brushing, your shabby chic kitchen is ready to use!

If you are worried that your shabby painted kitchen will lose its charm after some time, think again. This is actually just a matter of patience and tolerance. As with many different styles and designs, the shabby paint style simply gets better with age. It can even get better with age when you begin to understand how to bring out all the colours and texture in the design, or as a result of a more thorough cleaning or refinishing.

So if you are thinking of repainting your kitchen, consider shabby chic. This will add that special something to it that will make it stand out and look even better than it did before. The chic and vintage look will have people taking notice right away. It’s an extremely versatile decor style that looks fantastic in modern kitchens but also looks fantastic in traditional kitchens.

You may be tempted to buy your shabby chic materials straight from the painting store. Unfortunately, if you choose wisely, you will be able to add a great deal of character to your space. Think about using aged wood as dividers. Or look for distressed woods, or even cherry or walnut. You may even find a lovely piece of lace work that will complete the look.

Don’t worry too much about making your kitchen look shabby chic from the outside. Once you’ve installed your new items, you’ll find that the style comes through perfectly in your cooking and entertaining. The final result is one that is far more understated than you might have ever imagined. That’s because shabby chic lends itself very easily to simple and light furnishings. That’s not to say that everything has to be cream or wooden – there are some very beautiful and unusual items in this style.

It’s important not to feel trapped by the styling. This is after all about adding your own personality into the room. There are plenty of different things you can do, and you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. Just take your time and enjoy the process. The end result will be one that you can truly be proud of – and it will complement your unique style perfectly.