Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets

If you are considering installing a new kitchen in your home, or just remodeling an existing one, you should look into shabby chic kitchen cabinets. This charming style was created as a response to the popularity of country kitchens in the 80s. The cabinets of this style take their influence from the country kitchen look but with a twist – they have a worn and faded appeal. However, this look isn’t for everyone – especially if you’re looking for a modern kitchen. Shabby chic looks best in old-fashioned kitchens.

To create shabby chic kitchen cabinets, you’ll first need to repaint your cabinets – specifically, the doors. If you are painting them yourself, you can use the same paint as you used to paint your other cabinets. When using dry paint, it’s important to be patient; a lot of effort goes into a single coat. If you are painting your cabinets yourself, you will need to plan ahead and make sure that you have all the supplies you need before you begin. Here’s a quick guide to help you paint your cabinets in just a few steps:

First, you’ll need to remove all the handles and doors from the cabinets. You can do this manually or with the aid of a power washer. Once you’ve completely removed all hardware, it’s time to paint. If you want to achieve a smooth, even finish, it’s best to use a light tone such as ivory or off-white.

If you are planning to stain your cabinets, you should consider applying a very light layer of mineral paint. If you would like to achieve a more bold, glossy look, then you can apply a dark coat of unpainted wood stain to the cabinets. Before you start staining, you should prepare your working area by cleaning it thoroughly and buying a few brushes and rags. A canvas or wooden board will also help keep you from scratching your painted surfaces.

Next, you’ll need to purchase a few gallons of distressed or shabby chic kitchen cabinet stain and an application tool. Some of the stains are alcohol-based while others contain acetone. Acetone is the most common choice for those who want a strong, glossy finish but are afraid of potentially damaging their cabinets. Alcohol-based stains are usually less toxic and more versatile, although both work great on dark wood cabinets.

The next step is to paint the cabinets in your chosen shabby chic style. You can either draw everything on by hand or get an application kit. If you are drawing on your own, be sure to use a good quality oil paint and avoid using acrylic paints. If you use acrylics, the cabinets will dry much darker than they would if you used an oil based paint. Apply the stain using a brush, or with a spray bottle if using it on a larger scale.

Once you are done staining, primer will be necessary if you want your shabby chic kitchen cabinets to last. Primer helps to give your cabinets a clean, fresh look without dulling them out. It is important to put some primer on, as well as your shabby chic paint, before you start painting. This gives the final result a better evenness and allows you to create a more unique and flattering look.

Once your cabinets are painted, top off with some cabinet handles that match the color of your cabinets. You can really make your shabby chic kitchen cabinets come to life by adding some knobs or handles in the same shade. This gives your kitchen a very worn looking effect. Finish off by adding a dish rack and plate stand and your shabby chic look is complete!