Shabby Chic Furniture Can Make Any Living Space More Inviting

Shabby chic decor is an absolutely charming, romantic, airy and feminine style to decorate in a cottage-style home. Cottage style decor has a light airy feel and a cozy atmosphere. This is because it makes use of rich, luxurious fabrics and simple, elegant accessories. Shabby chic is very feminine, cozy and unique filled with subtle natural colors and textures. If you’re tired of the same old boring styles, then your best bet for you is to opt for a unique and fashionably chic style rather than settle for a plain and traditional one!

shabby chic cottage

Shabby style homes have such a welcoming and relaxing look to them. Your guests will feel right at home decorating in the style. If you love nature, you’ll find this absolutely charming! With cottages being located in small towns and villages, you get to experience the quiet and intimacy that comes from living off the beaten path. And don’t think you need to be in the country for this one. You can create your own cottage in your own backyard as long as there is plenty of grass to mow and plenty of sunshine!

As with any cottage decor, the most important thing about shabby chic is to keep it updated and tasteful. With so many lovely fabrics available today, it’s easy to pull together a chic and classic cottage look. For example, if you love the look and feel of cottages with wooden floors and large wooden windows, then why not add a shabby chic distressed cot from an antique store? Or if you’ve got a large window with a lot of windows facing the street, then you can use those to your advantage by hanging beads or adding interesting fabrics to them.

One of the things you will notice about shabby chic furniture is the age-old use of color. Cottage decor is all about using soft pastels and earthy tones. There are no excess colors and when worn with a great shabby chic accent pillow, it can brighten even the dreariest room! If you love vintage finds, try to match your shabby chic accessories to the style of your cottages. If there are period pieces like a brass tea cup or a crystal stemware, add them in just the right amounts to achieve a perfectly aged look.

Shabby bathrooms are often filled with bottles and jars of lotions, so to create a shabby chic look, you can decorate them with vintage pottery or distressed finish linen. A lot of the time, these pottery items were only used for storing antiques or finished goods that could not be thrown away, but you can still use them as decorative pieces by hanging them from the wall. The same applies to any large vases or figurines that you have in your bathroom. Hang them on the wall or in any small niche, such as on top of a medicine cabinet, so that they pop with the theme of your cottage.

If you have an outdated but nice looking tapestry or piece of furniture, then you could hang it over a candle or use it as a centerpiece on your coffee table. The possibilities are endless. As a matter of fact, shabby chic furniture doesn’t even need to be hand crafted anymore. Artisans create beautiful, authentic-looking pieces from reclaimed wood or wrought iron. All you need to do is find one that matches your decor perfectly. You can even purchase readymade shabby chic furniture online if you feel like you don’t have the time to craft your own.

If you have a larger home, you can create the look inside your kitchen, too. Create an inviting French country kitchen with shabby chic furniture and accents. Keep in mind that shabby chic only works well in a country kitchen, where the walls are painted in light pastel hues. This makes your cabinets and countertops appear lighter, giving way for a more airy environment.

Your shabby chic decorating can go far beyond the walls of your home. Cottage style can lend itself to a wide variety of flooring choices, including stone and ceramic tiles, exposed wooden beams, and distressed finish laminate floors. Choose light-colored or cream tones for the most flattering look. With the right accessories, your shabby chic area will be a charming retreat for you and your guests.