Shabby Chic Beds – Pink is the New Shrink?

Shabby chic bedrooms have a charming, vintage charm that still looks modern in today’s eclectic world. The charming, old-fashioned look adds warmth and softness to your home, and the unique style is easy to integrate into any existing bedroom design. Shabby chic furniture features worn wood or candle holders, distressed paint, and distressed fabrics on a variety of colors to create the look. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on how to get your own shabby chic bedroom setup started.

Your shabby chic bedroom won’t look quite right without the right accessories. When it comes to buying furniture for your bedroom, keep in mind that shabby chic is about layers of furniture rather than focal points. To pull off the look you’re aiming for, you’ll want to pick out bed frames, dressers, chairs, end tables, chests, mirrors, and other pieces that layer over one another in an intricate pattern. This kind of over-layering lends an air of old style and sophistication to your space, and can be an excellent way to transition your bedroom from basic to luxury.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to putting your shabby chic bedroom decor together, you can begin by picking out floor coverings. Pink duvets and blankets in shades of pink are a great way to complement your theme and accentuate your feminine features. For a classic look, try a pink velvet bedspread or shabby chic throw pillow. These easy-to-find bedroom essentials will keep your space from looking too feminine.

Pillows are another easy way to add a touch of pink to your room. A pink faux leather pillow can be a sophisticated way to add color while maintaining a classic look. A pink faux leather bed skirt and matching window treatments can also add a pretty touch. Add a little pink throw pillows and you’ve got a modern look that’s also feminine. You can complement your furniture with a few pink lamps and accent lighting to add even more feminine detail.

One of the keys to using pink in your bedroom is to keep everything very simple. Too many pink accent pieces can make a space feel overwhelming and cluttered. While it’s perfectly fine to layer several different pieces of pink fabric on top of one another, having too much pink can cause the space to look overstuffed and overcrowded. Keep the focus on a few key pieces, such as a single oversized bed frame, a chunky dressing table, and a few small but striking pieces of furniture, and you’ll find that your bedroom has a nice balanced look that’s subtle but beautiful.

As you work on your shabby chic bedroom design, it’s important to remember to pick pieces that can stand the test of time. Cottage-style or French style furnishings should never be worn down or faded. Instead, spend time choosing furniture that can look great even as it ages. Wicker, or rattan pieces look especially good when they’re well-used, and you might even choose vintage pieces for an added nostalgic touch.

The key to this kind of look is to keep everything very simple. The basic pieces of furniture will always add color, such as a pink comforter, a fluffy pink duvet cover, and a pink pillow. But don’t skimp on the decorative details, which should include vintage lace and paint designs, sconces, throw pillows, and photos of flowers or plants. The decorative items don’t have to be expensive – you can create a sophisticated but affordable look by just splurging on a few unique items.

Shabby chic is perfect for bedrooms because it adds a charming air of old charm to a space. It creates an inviting environment that makes you want to come back to your own bedroom. A pink French style canopy bed is just one example of how adding an element of femininity in your bedroom can be easy and inexpensive. Add in some pink accessories, such as a vase of pink roses, a pink comforter, and accents such as pink candles, and you’ll have a classic yet charming space to turn your bedroom into.