Shabby Chic Bathroom Designs

A touch of romance, shabby chic bathroom design brings a charm that will add a cozy touch to any home. The beauty of this style is the charming look that can be created. You can create your own lovely shabby chic bathroom with very little effort. This article will give you tips on creating your own lovely shabby chic bathroom.

shabby chic bathroom

Blue Shabby Chic Bathroom A beautiful example of this type of shabby chic bathroom, this set features a distressed white finish on all the walls except for the lower portion of the toilet. The placement of the vanity and tub make the bathroom appears larger. It offers a handful of floor space to move about. The blue shabby chic towel and light blue tile compliment the white bathtubs perfectly, accentuating the aged ornaments located around the room.

White Shabby Chic Bathroom A white shabby chic bathroom can be created with just a few different accessories. Window curtains in white with small white polka dots attached to the curtains would bring a modern touch to the room, using matching white curtains and white polka dot towels. Attaching a couple of mirrors to the walls behind the toilet will enhance the effect further. Mirrors are really important accessories to use in a bathroom design like this, as they reflect light, adding a beautiful depth to the room.

Wallpaper in Shabby Chic Bathrooms Wallpaper is an important element in shabby chic bathrooms. It allows you to dress up plain walls and make them unique by using wallpapers that are patterned or scrolled in a certain way. Pairing white wallpapers with white shower curtains in varying textures and patterns helps create the illusion of depth in your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Decorating Another great idea for your shabby chic bathroom is to use mirror decor on your bathroom walls. Large white or black framed mirrors are perfect accessories to line the walls. Mirrors also add sparkle to a small bathroom, so think of using a mirror as the main piece of hardware in your bathroom sink area. Bathroom towels and shower curtains should also coordinate with the mirror, using small but intricate patterns. This gives the bathroom a very clean and uncluttered look. In addition, this effect can be extended to other parts of the house, such as floors and furniture.

Wallpaper for Shabby Bathrooms With your basic paint and palette choices in place, you can choose to use either a basic black and white shabby wallpaper or choose to go with a more distressed look. A distressed look can be achieved by soaking your selected wallpapers in a bleach solution and then using a special bristle brush to scrub them gently until they are free of ink. You can also try making a stencil of your favorite design, which you will need for trimming around your bathroom mirror. Using a vinyl stencil allows you to choose whichever design style you like best without changing the color of your bathroom walls. Once your stencil is dry, you can trim the edges to create a more shabby chic effect.

Shabby Bathroom Lighting One final idea for creating a romantic atmosphere in your bathroom is to select scented candleholders and tissue paper holders that are made from sugar. You can find these items at your local craft store or online. Another inexpensive option is to simply place a few rose petals in a ceramic pot on top of a few candles. This idea is especially lovely when you choose votive candles instead of regular ones. By combining sugar and water, you create a unique charming candle that is reminiscent of the sweet romance of the past, but with a modern twist.

Finally, to complete your romantic shabby chic bathroom design, a couple of inexpensive mirrors, such as a framed photo or an egg shaped one, along with a stool or rug shaped desk are all ideal accents for this style. Framed photos can be displayed above your vanity, while a unique egg shaped mirror allows you to see yourself from above. Either way, you can use one of these unique mirrors for every corner of your bathroom. Using crystal chandeliers or an intricately patterned rug also adds a touch of elegance. When you have completed your transformation, you will be amazed at how comfortable and chic to your home feels.