Redecorate Your Room With Shabby Chic Furniture

Its style is a clean, crisp look with a faded country feel. Even a lot of yellow flowers are going to have a little bit of a warmer shade closer to the center. You can even use it as an opportunity to transform your theme.

Purchase tea party themed scrapbooking paper at a craft store. Google the phrase “teapot stencils” and you will find downloadable images that you can print and then trace right onto the patterned paper. Cut out your teapots and then write your party information directly on the back of each pot. Be sure to invite your guests to wear their fanciest dresses and bring along their favorite dolls.

The first step is to Cut the toile tissue paper. You could also rip the toile paper apart for a more rustic Shabby chic kitchen chic look on your kitchen counter. You will need a lot of these.

Now you can use the and stain or varnish you’ve chosen to darken the wood. You will find that a light colored varnish, such as a marine varnish, will look wonderful as it will bring out all the beauty of the grain of the wood as well as having the added bonus of being waterproof. This is really very necessary for kitchen cabinetry as things are always getting damp, if not wet.

Because of wrought iron’s versatility, it is easy adapted into any style of decor. It’s dark or black color blends with light colored styles such as, and just as well with asian decor which normally uses bold colors such as red, black and gold.

If luxury is still to be had by some of you, it will be had at home. Many homeowners are looking for fix-ups that are luxurious without breaking the bank. Now is the time to invest in that fancy shower head or splurge on the whirlpool tub. You can have your own spa Shabby chic kitchen retreat in your home. While you’re at it, glass tiles and light colors in the bathroom are the next big thing!

After my great grandmother moved in with my grandma, I helped my grandmother go thru most of my grandmothers things. She told me I could have much of what I wanted, I just had to ask. I proudly carried several boxes of laces, fabrics, trims, beads, you know name it, to my van and wasn’t sure exactly what I’d do with it all, but I felt inspired. I also got most of my great grandma’s costume jewelry, some that I wear, some that I put in with my craft stuff.

Have a jewelry making party and provide an assortment of beads and jewelry finds. Pick up a book or magazine on jewelry making for inspiration and let them have fun experimenting. Consider picking up old costume jewelry at yard sales and thrift stores and have the girls recreate one of a kind jewelry. Make little velvet bags for your guests to put their “jewels” in as their take home gift. Bring out glamor clothes such as old prom or bridesmaid dresses, or try picking up dresses at yard sales. Add plenty of music (their taste, of course) and let them dance and strut their stuff with a fashion show. Be sure to take lots of pictures.

These products are just a small sampling of the faux wood flooring products available for your kitchen home improvement project. Shop around, online and locally to find the color, faux wood look and price for your kitchen makeover.
Once dry, cover the surface with a thick coat of Elmer’s glue. 9 Accessories like glass pulls or knobs for you dresser and night stand are the perfect extras for you room. Be kind and attach a gift tag as opposed to writing directly on the bag.
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