Modern Shabby Chandelier Kitchen Decor

If you want to design and decorate your Kitchen then Modern Shabby chic is one of the styles you may wish to consider. It is a relatively old style of decorating, but has a very distinctive look that some people love and some hate. You may be wondering what the big deal is about this style of Kitchen. Well, for one thing it is very stylish and pretty. It adds an atmosphere of comfort and elegance to any room in which you put it.

First off you need to decide on the colors. Any color that fits in with the rest of the surroundings works just fine. If you decide to go with a darker color such as a black or brown then you can further compliment the look by using other accent pieces throughout the room that is in the rustic or shabby chic style such as distressed wood furniture, knick knacks, aged fabrics, etc. A lot of this furniture can be found at your local thrift store, garage sale or perhaps a flea market. Just remember to ask the proprietor what they paid for the piece.

Once you have your accessories and your hardware selected then you can begin your shabby chic kitchen counter top project. What you are going to do first is to sand the cabinets and all of the other surfaces smooth. I would suggest using a sander over a belt sander. The reason for this is that it will give your countertop a nice even finish. Also, remember to wear a dust mask because it can get quite smelly and you don’t want your guest to inhale any of it while they are in your house.

Once all of your cabinetry has been sanded and all surfaces are ready to use then you can begin your beautiful weathered look. Using an antique or weathered paint helps to add a rustic feel to your kitchen area. If you cannot find any weathered paint, I highly recommend using oil based acrylic paints. These types of paints dry quickly and will help to protect your cabinets and your kitchen counter top from stains and oxidation.

You may also choose to incorporate the use of a vintage or weathered wood cabinet into your shabby chic style kitchen. One popular option is to paint the cabinet with an antique or weathered color. For example, if you choose to use a stained glass antique white cabinet, you can either paint it white or stain it a light wash with a neutral color. Another option is to leave the front portion of the cabinet plain and use a fabric to create a floral pattern on the back. Flowers can either be real, faux, or silk flowers.

When choosing your decorative accessories for your shabby chic area, be careful about how you position them. Do not crowd the room or utilize them as a focal point. They should be used as accessories to enhance the overall feel of the room. For example, hang vintage pictures to anchor the lighting in a specific area or hang crystal chandeliers above a wooden or wicker table to create a sort of “sky” effect. Remember that you can always change your lighting scheme once you feel like a change is necessary.

In order to complete the look of your kitchen area, you should consider the items you are going to place into your newly transformed space. While you may love the idea of using old furniture and antiques, this is not always practical for your lifestyle. You may also want to consider a modern metallic, or glass cabinet. One great way to give a more streamlined look to your shabby chic kitchen area is to add in stainless steel appliances. By simply removing the doors and drawer covers, you can give the whole room a very clean, fresh feel.

You can accent the look of your shabby chic style kitchen with matching floral decorations. A great place to start would be with a large floral arrangement spread across the table, or a few accent plants on either side. If you don’t have enough room for an entire floral arrangement, then consider utilizing small flowers mounted on small stands. These can easily be placed throughout the kitchen area and around the main island for a very feminine touch.