Interior Design – Creates a Shabby Chic Business Interior With Shabby Chic Furniture

Whether you crave a cozy, full-on shabby chic atmosphere or simply a shabby chic breakfast or bedroom, here are five simple ways to get the right look. White-Out. If you’re on the fence about adding a little more shabby chic to your home’s decor, consider this. White is a neutral color that lends itself to shabby chic design. If you’re on the fence about adding a little more shabby chic to your home’s decor, consider this.

shabby chic furniture

Washed Out Solid Wood. In classic shabby chic, solid wood is always in fashion. The problem with this style is that it’s hard to avoid getting stained. You can offset that with distressed wood surfaces, but even then, it’s not as easy to clean as a finished wood piece would be. While a distressed piece can give you the classic shabby chic look, it’s also very easily damaged and stained if you don’t take care.

Waxed Caned Wood. If you have the space and the cash, this is one of the best ways to get classic, shabby chic furniture: wax the pieces with special wax or acrylic paint and let the paint dry completely. This will protect your wood from staining and discoloring. It’ll also make the pieces easy to clean because you won’t have to worry about touching the surface to get dirt, dust or chips out.

Colors. Shabby chic furniture pieces should be as offbeat as you are. If you want to go with a lighter color palette, start by choosing pale, natural shades. For the bedroom, stick with whites and light browns. If you’re going for a more dramatic effect, however, add some splashes of bright red or purple. Don’t worry; these colors don’t have to be garish!

Patterns. Most modern shabby chic furniture pieces feature bold, irregular patterns that create visual chaos. Try adding up a few random pieces from your jewelry box or your children’s old socks. You could even create a collage out of old photos. Be careful not to overdo it, though-this style can get really expensive.

Lines. For a flirty, unpretentious vibe in your shabby chic living room or bedroom, choose simple lines for the decor and create interesting patterns with accessories. A crushed up piece of fabric, an unusual vase or a cute pillow can make great centerpieces for your space. Add in a few carefully placed mirrors (not too large or distracting), and you’ve taken the first step toward creating a fun, quirky living room that you’ll love to spend every day there.

Colors. Shabby chic furniture and bedroom accessories can be just as bold and brilliant as pieces in a classic shabby chic style. Warm browns and pinks are very popular right now, but you can also opt for blues, greens or red if you’re feeling a bit daring. The key is to keep the colors simple enough that they don’t become overwhelming, but deep enough that you can see them and still have enough color leftover in your design for other accent pieces.

Accessories. This is one of the key elements to the shabby chic furniture design: the accessories you choose will really set your entire look apart. The key to this interior design style is layers-layers that bring interest and depth to your space. Pick up a few small, shabby chic furniture pieces here and there (or even a few big pieces if you have the space! ), place them in the room with some light color or pattern and then layer on a couple of smaller pieces and see what kind of a visual chaos you can create.