How to Use Shabby Chic Furniture in Your Home

Shabby Chic Furniture
Shabby Chic Furniture

For many women, the term “shabby chic” may conjure up images of shabby-chic furniture. But what is shabby chic?

There is a cottage and traditional style furniture that is commonly associated with this type of decorating. But while there is a cottage or shabby chic look, it doesn’t mean it is a no frills style. It is more of a refined and beautiful style.

Although more upscale than other styles, shabby-chic furniture is an inexpensive way to transform your room. This style of decorating is not limited to homes that are an antique or colonial. It can also be used in homes that are Victorian, by adding an exotic feel to the decor.

The true shabby chic or cottage look features eclectic and tasteful furniture. You should use period pieces such as antiques, pottery, antique chairs, tables, and mantles. Often, natural materials like fabrics and woolen or cotton rugs will lend a shabby-chic touch to your decor.

While there is nothing wrong with using comfortable furniture, you can mix and match for a more casual shabby chic. For example, if you only have one small chair in your room, consider using it for accents. It will draw attention to it if it is on a shorter stool. You could use a seat cushion to complete the look.

Furniture should also be well cared for and maintained. And don’t just throw out pieces when they become worn and stained. Give them new life by using decorative stains or dyes on them.

Use accent pieces in smaller rooms so you can make them feel bigger. These can be furniture pieces that are larger in size but that fit into smaller spaces.

Use vintage pieces to liven up a space and to give it that whimsical and vintage feel. You can also use accessories in your furniture to add depth and give the room a more spacious feel. Accessories that go with the furniture can add texture and interest to the room.

Find pieces in your furniture that are unfinished. An unfinished piece of furniture can be painted with a pattern to create a more coordinated look. Or you can paint the furniture with your favorite floral or country-style design.

You can use a shabby chic look with formal furniture as well. If you have a formal dining room set, find a piece of furniture that is vintage or in the shabby-chic style. Use this piece of furniture in a minimal way in formal rooms.

If you have children, you will need to use furniture that is sturdy and durable. Most children will get tired of the worn-out look of furniture in a year or so. So use durable, well-made furniture in their rooms that will outlast them.

Shabby-chic furniture is a unique way to decorate your home. And if you are looking for a more upscale, sophisticated look, then you should consider shabby chic.

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