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If you’re like me you like to get more for your money, especially when you can use the excess to buy new shoes. Another home decor theme I want to mention is the magical, mythical and mystical. You could also spray on some frosting spray paint.
Some people have a knack when it comes to home decor. They can throw just about anything up on the walls, and it looks great! With so many home decor styles to choose from, there must be something all of us can do to make our homes unique and beautiful.

Classical http://shabbychichomedecor.info involves a very clean and uncluttered look. Furniture, curtains and floors are normally all light in color, with very few rugs on the bare floors. Walls, window treatments and pictures are kept to the very lightest of shades, with white and off-white being the central theme. Accents and knick knacks should be very minimal. This style is all about the light, airy feel.

R: While I’ve played around with vintage clothing and accessories since college (ahem, the mid-’80s), I only began taking assemblage jewelry seriously this year when I discovered artist Amy Hanna’s work. It has really given purpose to my collection of baubles and fuels my quest to keep hunting. My hope is to offer unique pieces that are accessible to most people while bringing back an appreciation for Shabby chic homes timeworn items and craftsmanship.

There’s nothing like some Shabby chic homes elegant Champagne Flutes to accompany the champagne and you can buy them in cut crystal glass engraved with a message of your choice. You can have the couple’s names and date of their wedding engraved on the glasses and you can be sure wedding presents like this will have pride of place in the new marital home.

Remove the handles and set them aside. My desk had nicks and rough spots from years of child abuse. Hand sand the desk to smooth the roughest spots and to give the surface a tooth for the paint to adhere to. Wipe off the sanding dust with an old rag.

Before you lapse completely into a coma, bear a few things in mind. Full-page glossies of family reunions held beneath towering, shabby-chic barns make for better magazine copy than centerfolds of locals trying to avoid making eye contact with your U-Haul. Stylized black and whites of cowboys branding in the parched mid-day sun sell better than snapshots of the Mayor’s dead horses being left to rot all summer long, directly in the center of town. Furthermore, triumphant tales of battling the elements flow better than ancient country septic lines. No one knows why the media doesn’t ‘glam-up’ peeing in your barn. It must just be a fickle public.

Also, you might want to see if the shipper is listed with the Better Business Bureau and what kind of in-stock rating do the have. Last, but not least, it is best to not have items shipped to a P.O. box number because there will be no tracking number when shipped this way.
The shop owner, Moe Munroe, has been a huge mentor and supporter of mine. This craft project is simply and should cost you $20 or less per Shabby chic homes Bookcase. The 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s were all about shabby chic and crazy fashions.
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