Elegant Shabby Chic Wedding Decorations

shabby chic wedding

Elegant Shabby Chic Wedding Decorations

When most people picture shabby chic, they are thinking of Victorian style furniture and bedding. However, the trend has evolved far beyond those images. Today’s shabby chic brides have their wedding decorated in a romantic style, complete with rich, plush fabrics and distressed accents. They have unique wedding favors and centerpieces made from items such as handbags, candelabras, vases, and candles. There is no longer a need to own a restoration farm to take care of your shabby chic wedding. Your own little corner of the world can become your wedding retreat.

Let your theme flow throughout the ceremony and reception. You may want to use flowers that match different flowers in your shabby chic wedding theme. For example, if you choose to match white and pink roses, your floral arrangements could consist of white lilies, pink roses, or a combination of both. If you decide to use real or fake flowers, you can even create a floral arrangement from petals of your favorite flower. Just be sure that you don’t mismatch too many colors.

One easy way to decorate tables in your shabby chic wedding theme is to use picture frames. You can find picture frames in just about every shape, size, and color. You can purchase picture frames to match just about any type of table. For example, you can use a beautiful silver frame to decorate a reception room table. In addition to decorating with picture frames, you can also place candles in each one to add your own personal touch.

As you may know, shabby chic weddings are often filled with unique handmade touches and accents. As an alternative to using antique picture frames, you can make your own handcrafted rustic centerpieces. You can do this by using a mold of fresh flowers, leaves, branches, or anything else you can find to fill the mold with. Once you have your mold made, you can paint each piece, arranging them in different ways so that they would look like they are floating in the air.

Candles are another great way to add a vintage feel to your shabby chic wedding. For an authentic look, you should consider using vintage lace paper and tea lights. You can accent your candles with dried flowers, beads, and pearls in a variety of colors. You can even incorporate seashells, butterflies, and other sea creatures as well as small pumpkins and other edible flowers. You can also add a few candles in holders that match your candelabras. Candles can play a major role in bringing your shabby chic wedding theme to life, so you should really take time to consider what type of candles will work best for you and your decorating theme.

A romantic candlelight dinner is also another great option for an elegant shabby chic wedding. The romantic details that are featured on these types of dinner tables can create a romantic atmosphere. You can incorporate rose petals and other flowers into candleholders, which can be embellished with gold tassels and other trimmings. If you want to add a splash of color, you can have your table covered in a rich red hue that can compliment your centerpieces and other decoration.

Candles are one of the most popular shabby chic wedding decorations, but there are so many ways that you can utilize them to create a rustic feel for your event. One thing you can do is have your entire reception lit up with candles. You can find candles in various shapes, colors, and sizes that will look great hanging from the ceiling or placed in special holders. If you have an open fireplace at your reception venue, this is a great place for you to display a large scented candle that is reminiscent of a bygone era. Candles can also be displayed around the perimeter of the room in a pile or in a lined row, depending on the style that you prefer.

Another way to incorporate shabby chic wedding decorating into your place settings is to use fabrics that are a bit on the worn side. You can find a plethora of fabrics that are in shades of faded yellow or brown. These fabrics can be used to create scenes and accents that are reminiscent of a past era that has yet to make a comeback. You can have fabrics that have lace on them, curtains that drape, and furniture that are covered with faded, creased, antique-looking fabrics.