Decorating in Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic is a very charming and stylish style of interior design that lends itself to those who like an old world look but still have a modern touch. This can also be a good style for children who are either too young or simply not old enough to fully appreciate the beauty and charm of this style. Shabby chic has become especially popular in the UK in recent years, with many people rediscovering and re-enacting the country life of their forefathers, many of whom lived in shabby chic homes and decorated using similar old country furniture. It brings back memories of bygone days when life was much less hectic, family time was always free and family photos were not rushed.

Shabby chic furniture is particularly famous in conjunction with French Country, a design style which emphasises the gentle flow of the countryside, and the romance and femininity associated with it. These traits are often reflected in the bedroom, where you can add beautiful lace curtains, cushions and floral accents to create a romantic atmosphere. You could also choose to keep your furnishings wooded and opt for a canopy instead of a valance, adding soft colors and light patterns to your bedroom decor. In addition to this, you might even want to include a few vintage reproductions in the form of a dressing table and mirror, or a chest of drawers to hold your old clothes.

France is famous for its shabby chic furniture and you can easily translate your country style into your own bedroom with just a few minor tweaks. For example, you can choose a distressed finish on wood such as pine or oak to create a country feel. You may also like to use cushions and throws, to soften the look, especially if they are in shades of brown or gray. You should also try to incorporate fabrics in shades of pale blue, green or cream. Light and airy floral prints and drapes are ideal for shabby chic, and you may prefer vintage lace or tapestries over modern patterns.

When choosing your shabby chic furniture, avoid buying too much furniture at once as it will make the room feel too cramped. Instead, buy pieces one at a time and add them one at a time to your country-like shabby chic bedrooms. This way, you will be able to create a cohesive look between different items of furniture without looking too haphazard.

As a general rule, you should avoid heavy, dark woods. You will probably want to keep your shabby chic furnishings to a minimum. This is because the shabby chic look is more about cozy, country accents rather than overpowering furnishings with strong contrasting colors. You can add accents of bold colors, but stick to earth tones and natural materials such as linen, wool and chenille for fabrics. Furniture made of wicker or rattan will also work well with this kind of theme, as will items with unique, distressed finishes.

Many people go for a light, airy look when decorating their homes in the shabby chic style. You can achieve this by keeping window treatments to a minimum and focusing more on window frames and other architectural details, rather than heavy, plush furnishings. For example, a lace shade over the window frame will make the space feel breezy and bright, rather than Gothic. Similarly, hanging paintings or other decorations on the walls will add an airy feeling to the room. The color scheme you choose should also be light, especially when matching your shabby chic curtains and lampshades.

Antiques and period pieces are an important part of shabby chic decorating, especially if you want the room to have a worn or lived-in look. The great thing about antique pieces is that they come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. You can find small, medium and large antiques for every type of home, from modern houses to country cottages, and each will add a different, unique look to your home. It is best to stick to one or two types of antiques at first, building up your collection over time.

You can give your shabby chic bedroom a really chic, romantic feel by choosing an old rose antique, or by choosing an oil paint portrait as the center piece of your bedding set. Textures, such as filigree, are also popular elements of shabby chic bedroom design. The use of floral prints and the embroidery of tassels and ribbon can give a country look, while the use of polka dots and zebra prints look very modern. A vintage vase or a crystal globe can also look great in a shabby chic bedroom, adding a touch of sophistication and class that can’t be beat.