Create a Lavish Shabby Kitchen With Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

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Shabby chic kitchens have earned its fame all over the world because of the retro feel that it lends to a space. The look is characterized by worn wood effects, distressed finish and distressed frames, making every item a true piece of art. When the cabinets are in good condition and clean, they will look like new, even if they are old. These chic kitchens really add to the charm of every house and are quite popular among homeowners. It has become one of the most stylish home decorating styles today.

There are many people who love to use shabby chic kitchens because it adds a nostalgic appeal to any place. This style exudes an atmosphere that is cozy, inviting and warm. It gives a feeling of openness and intimacy. With the right choice of colors, shabby chic kitchens can really become a charming sight to behold.

The great thing about this type of kitchen design is that it does not require too much investment. The cabinets and other items that you buy can still look good even if you have just purchased them only recently. You can still preserve their charm for many years by maintaining their good looks and giving them some polish with some light coat of paint. If you want a totally new look, you can even replace the cabinet doors or fix them with some modern handles.

Other items in the kitchen can also be given a fresh look by using shabby chic furniture and accessories. A great way to brighten up your dining area is to install a French country dining table with a quilted style tablecloth. By adding some vintage dishes and candelabras, you can give your entire dining room a shabby chic look. Similarly, there are many other items that you can find in your cupboard that can give your entire place a chic vibe. Some of the best choices include old looking chairs, shelves, pottery, baskets and other items that still have their charm despite being years old.

Shabby chic cabinets are also very easy to find. There are so many manufacturers who specialize in creating unique cabinets that will perfectly fit your home. If you search hard enough, you are sure to find a set of cabinets that will not only make your kitchen look stylish but also keep your items well organized.

You may even choose to add one or two vintage items to your collection. This would be a great way to add a vintage touch without causing any damage to your current items. You can even find various shabby chic decorating ideas that you can use as a guide when you start renovating your kitchen. This way, you can get ideas on how to transform your current space into a chic and inviting area. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still make your kitchen look amazing with some great decorating ideas.

Whether you are starting from scratch or replacing your existing cabinets, shabby chic kitchens can add an air of elegance to any room. Even if your house is currently being built, this is the perfect time to give your kitchen a makeover. If you are not comfortable renovating your whole kitchen, you can always consult with an interior designer to create a special look just for your place. Once you have your dream kitchen design, all you need is a little more elbow grease and you’re good to go!