How To Use Birdcages In Your Vintage Wedding

Start by laying a piece of toile tissue paper on the Headboard and using decoupage to attach it to the Headboard r. Occasionally a little black or dark navy is added for dramatic contrast on woodwork or furniture.

When it comes to the bathroom many tend to overlook the space, and fail to decorate elaborately in what is the smallest space in a house. Often not much thought goes into the decor for this space. But what many do not take into consideration is that the bathroom is perhaps the second most used space in a home, if not the most used space. A cozy shabby chic bathroom will surely make this a welcoming space!

I decided to give it a lighter appearance and try to match it with a more current and popular decor style. Shabby chic won out. With, I didn’t need to remove the existing paint, especially since I planned on a hint of it showing on the finished product. That meant it would be an easy project and quick to complete.

Stencils are often seen on beautiful old country furniture, and this is a technique that would be wonderful for a wedding. Pick up some old vintage furniture at a flea market, and put your own stamp on it by stenciling on a wreath or floral pattern. Imagine how special a painted low bureau would look holding the escort cards or favors at a Shabby chic bathrooms reception. Even if you are using mostly rented pieces, you could pick up a neat old pair of chairs to decorate in this manner for the bride and groom’s seats.

Furniture bearing the Shabby chic bathrooms should create a sense of wear and tear. Back in the day, furniture would be painted over and over again to keep it looking fresh. However, the base coat and the original wood would be exposed with time after further wear. This is the kind of look you should be going for.

As far as colors are concerned, you can’t go wrong with pastels. Using pastel colors in conjunction with whites and off-whites is very common in shabby chic decorating. Painted walls as well as patterned wallpapers are also a great way to bring out that country cottage home feel.

When decorating in shabby chic bathrooms, just about anything that is worn or has an antique look to it will work. The look is elegant and timeless, and unlike other decorating styles, the pieces do not have to match. As long as all your pieces have the charming and worn look, and are closely related in color, it will look fabulous!

If you don’t want to update your room by painting – or if you live in a rental that prohibits painting — make your furniture seem trendier by hanging new pictures and putting new accessories on your old tables. If you’re tired of the “country” feel your furniture and room provokes, take down the country inspired art and replace it with something modern that uses the same colors already part of your furniture. Add a big colored glass vase to a table and drop a bouquet of silk flowers in it. Or, if that has been your look, replace it with a bud vase and a single, long stemmed poppy, rose or daisy. Sometimes you can make your furniture look new just by what you place near it!
With the old post standing up, place the cut 1 x 4 boards around the bottom. Some people prefer using new furniture items that have been distressed in order to make them look like antiques. You can glue directly onto your MDF or pine sheet.
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